Someone actually called for an ambulance for an ingrowing toenail last night…

No, they didn’t get one.

Published Jul 16, 2006 - 11 Comments and counting

11 Comments on “I despair…”
  1. Alex Brooks Says:

    “No, they didn’t get one.”

    Thank God for small mercies.

  2. Ian Sealy Says:

    Were they trying to be funny or did they really have an ingrowing toenail?

  3. Reynolds Says:

    So they didn’t have ‘Difficulty in breathing’ caused by the pain from said ingrowing toenail?

  4. the hatter Says:

    Maybe they have really fast-growing toenails.

  5. Rob Says:

    I wont even ASK what the reply was…

    yeah I will, was it polite…or truthful

  6. Cef Says:

    Unless they’d decided to try and perform home-surgery on it and stuffed up, then they shouldn’t have even been calling. Silly people!

    Admittedly, as someone who suffers ingrowns, they do hurt, and if you get sick of it and cut it out yourself, there is a potential for a lot of blood if you make a mistake.

  7. Spike Says:

    What Alex Brooks said.

  8. caramaena Says:

    I’m with Rob – what was your reply like? Oh and did they come back with something original like ‘but I pay your wages mate!’???

  9. Mark Myers Says:

    Yes, it was just a regular ingrowing toenail with no home surgery attempts or the like, and I wish the patient had been joking but he wasn’t.

    Annoyingly, call takers are not permitted to tell people they are not allowed an ambulance. That job falls down to TAS, who call them back. I’d have loved to hear what they had to say…

  10. Rob Says:

    I have a son who because of an ingrowing toenail, ended up with part of it being chopped off (the toe that is) but even then, its a long term problem, not something that happens suddenly, I cannot even understand how gutsy or more likely stupid these people are that DARE call triple 9 to ask……I want some of what their smokin!!

  11. adrr125 Says:

    I work for an ambulance service too. Took a call from a patient who was panicking about missing a tonsil when she looked! She was quickly passed to NHSD.

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