Nee Naw has been given a revamp by my friend Eddie of I Want Your T-Shirt Web Design. Please take a minute to have a look at the new design and give me your thoughts. I’m loving the new look but if there’s anything you lot think could be improved, leave a comment here and I’ll pass it on.

Published Sep 08, 2008 - 74 Comments and counting

74 Comments on “New Site Design!”
  1. New Site Design! Says:

    [...] Original Mark Myers [...]

  2. Karin, RN Says:

    Is that why you haven’t posted for so long? I like the new design.

  3. Mark Myers Says:

    No, that’s just cos I am lazy. I have an interesting post coming up, though – I’m just too tired to construct proper sentences right now!

  4. mc1rvariant Says:

    My eyes hurt.

  5. Boy on a bike Says:

    My old eyes request a larger font size.

    Apart from that, it certainly stands out!

  6. Caroline Says:

    I like it, cannot imagine where you dreamed up the colour scheme though :o )

  7. Matt Says:

    Yay! Neenaw colours!

  8. laputain Says:

    Not a fan, myself. I liked the clean lines of the old style. Content, not packaging, it said to me.

    I find this a bit garish and attention grabbing-a good thing in an ambo, less good on a page. Also, I agree that the font is defaulting too small.

  9. Ellie Says:

    Wow! I think it’s pretty sweet. Certainly bright and distinctive. Glad to hear you have more posts in the works.

  10. caramaena Says:

    I’ll put my hand up for a larger font size too :)

  11. Altissima Says:

    Love the title banner design. The green and gold background is a bit harsh on the eyes – While the brights are entirely suitable for emergency vehicles, perhaps a washed-out version of the colour scheme may be kinder to blog readers. The two column layout is smart and functional. Text is a bit small for me too, but I am happy to press Ctrl-+ to adjust the font size.

  12. Corrvin Says:

    Title banner is great; but the green and gold below that is REALLY bright, and with the offset of the alternating colors behind the right column it’s kind of dizzy-making. Maybe some smaller squares would help?

  13. Amanda Says:

    It’s fine if I wear my sunglasses

  14. Rachel Says:

    Hello Mark- I’m a long-time Australian lurker.

    I find the new look too bright and a bit distracting – perhaps a smaller pattern would help, or could the contrast be toned down a bit?

    The text going right to the edge of the comment boxes looks a bit jammed in – could a margin be incorporated?

    I also like a bigger font, and I can recommend using ‘ control + ‘ – I use it to enlarge most things.

  15. Lanes Says:

    Pardon? I can’t hear you over the colour!

  16. Rob Says:

    A bit bright for me – especially first thing in the morning!

  17. Jennyb Says:

    Love the banner, but i must remember to look away when scrolling down! the moving chequers are hard work on the eyes….

  18. Jo Says:

    Like it, but like other before me – - the font is a bit wee (plus the bright colours draw the eyes in – especially those ofthe boss when I’m lurking at work!!)

  19. louise Says:

    love it, especially the bright colours, just in time for the dreary cold wet dark days. the font could be a bit bigger.

  20. Eddie Says:

    Font bigger, margin in comment boxes :)

  21. Dan Lane Says:

    It’s a bit bright, I’m glad I read the site in a feed reader!

  22. Mary Says:

    I love the graphic at the top of the page. The little blue-light icon in the address bar is cute. But for the love of [god, kittens, chocolate cake], turn down the brightness of the checkerboard background.

  23. Mark Myers Says:

    Thanks for the very helpful feedback, everyone. Font size is now bigger, and I’m having a think about the best way to change the checkerboard bits (which I really want to keep because they give it an ambulancy feel!) to make them less garish without making them disappear altogether!

  24. ambulance999 Says:

    the checkerboard bit can be taken down a couple levels in brightness with a bit of work on the old photoshop, just a bit of greyscaling.

    Love the idea though :

  25. Emily Says:

    Whoa! Liking the style, but it’s a bit bright. Harsh on the eyes. Perhaps tone it down to a pastel shade version? We’ll all know what the design means anyway, but just have it so it’s not as distracting/eye searing!

    Other than that, the only thing that’ll improve it more is more blog posts! ;)

  26. Jools Says:

    A bit bright, but I suppose I’ll get used to it.

    Observations –

    1] the only way to get out of the comments page (if you don’t want to leave a comment) is to use the “go back” facility in your web browser;

    2] don’t know about Internet Explorer, but in Firefox 3 (which I use) if you have your bookmarks sidebar open then you have to scroll to the right to see the full page. Looking at the css fr the page, it’s clear this is because all the widths are stated in px instead of %. If the guy whose done the site design could do the css in % then you would get a fluid layout which would automatically adapt to any screen resolution and/or the presence of sidebars. Similarly if the font was in % instead of px, then the users own font preferences would automatically come through

  27. Jo Says:

    I really like it. Font is fine without my glasses, from a reasonable distance away from the screen, so I guess you’ve fixed the small font problem.

  28. Eddie Says:

    Jools – Made a back to posts link under the comment form (the header image also takes you back to the main page).

    I did originally design the theme with fluid Css (in fact i just put that css file back up on my test blog but i disguarded it because of the fixed width title banner (anyone viewing on a widescreen will see gaps either side of the banner and under 1024×768 would lose the edges of the banner) and i did not want the banner to be resizable. I am toying with the idea of scooting the title in a bit and having a “sacrificial” section of the banner at the edge so you can never run out of image.

    Thanks to everyone for all the feedback/tweaks. It all helps! – and obviously I want this to be as good as it can be!

  29. Marcello Says:

    man, this is UGLY! ;)
    “ugly” as in “well done, but still ugly”.

    from a less subjective point of view, sans-serif fonts (like arial or verdana) read much better on screen.


  30. VinaigretteGirl Says:

    Love the content; the banner is attractive in a televisual sort of way.

    The brightness and contrast ofthe background, though is harsh on the eye, and very, very distracting. My peripheral vision is constantly poked at when I want to be reading text. The yellow is so intense it seems painful to look at, which – as my eyes are led to it all the time – is Truly Wrong.

    So: usability: 6/10. Content: 10/10.

  31. Eddie Says:

    right, I have implemented (on Jools’s suggestion) some fluidity into the layout, so those of you on 1024 with a sidebar open dont have to scroll, and have dimmed the background somewhat.

  32. Stan Says:

    A background featuring pictures of the control room would be more appropriate than all those vans, methinks. Nice and bright, though. Keep up the good work.

  33. Mark Myers Says:

    The control room is really ugly, though! I don’t think anyone wants to look at pictures of that. You certainly don’t want to be looking at pictures of my ugly mug.

    Font seems to have gone wrong somewhere… it was Arial Narrow last time I looked!

  34. quixote Says:

    Have you checked the design in Firefox? The font is huge. The layout doesn’t really look right. What’s with the black and olive stripes? And, for instance, the comment box I’m typing in extends past the right border of its parent box. As for the colors . . . I’m with the folks whose eyes hurt.

    So, no, I can’t say I like it. But, hey, I come here for your experiences. You do exactly what you like!

  35. SEO marketing Programmer Says:

    Just rolled out my new design to so i know how hard it is good luck

  36. Nonamoose Says:

    I reallay like it but would love a bigger font size as I love your blog but suffer from visual problems. I love the clarity of the font though, just a bigger size would be good :-)

    Keep up the good work :-)

  37. Jools Says:

    This is really for Eddie the Tshirt man.

    Eddie something is still not making sense on the fluidity and it all apparently stems from the title banner. I’ll use your contact form on your own website to email you and then we can exchange info offlist. Jools

  38. Hazel Says:


  39. vicky Says:

    look great much better than before

  40. karen Says:

    change the font – makes it hard to read in this one.
    love the subtle background though…

  41. cogidubnus Says:

    No complaints whatever…it’s cool

  42. Vic Says:

    I’d like to see Verdana font 10 point used. Times Roman was designed for print and Verdana is easier on the eye on the screen.

  43. Mark Myers Says:

    The font is actually Arial Narrow, not Times Roman. Eddie, perhaps we could have Verdana and Arial for back up fonts for those who don’t have Arial Narrow installed as I assume that’s why some people are seeing Times Roman?

  44. Trooper Man Says:

    Morning Mark

    The new site is 21st Century and as far as i’m concerned is just great as it i.


  45. Helen Says:

    I like the new look but the narrow font is quite hard to read – perhaps use Verdana or Arial as the main font, not just as back up?

  46. Den Says:

    I like the look – very professional, but find the font hard to read – not the size (I regulary view blogs on 150% with my old eyes), but it’s kind of squished together.

  47. Emily Says:

    Well looking today it’s not as bright as before (which is good) but now it looks like the colours are two shades of green rather than yellow and green, I still think it should be changed to pastel versions (which should keep the colour distinction) than making it darker.

    And I’m another one not liking the “narrow” font either, I find it very difficult to read. Could you just use Arial standard instead of the “narrow” version? Or change it to Tahoma or something.

    Getting there I think!

  48. quixote Says:

    Judging by other comments, there’s definitely something odd about how it displays on my system. I have Firefox 3 running under Ubuntu 8.04. Javascript is on. On my system, the background is anything but subtle. It’s a huge chessboard-y pattern of black and army-green squares. The font is a sans-serif, today it’s bold (!), and at a guess I’d say the point size is about 14. Huge, in other words. IE displays fonts rather differently from FF, and it can be a bit of a pain getting things legible on both. (I do have MS fonts installed, including Arial Narrow, but it doesn’t seem to be accessing that.)

    However, the comment box is inside its parent div today! Having fought with these issues on my own blog, I know all too well how many hours, days, weeks! it can take to deal with it. Don’t lose hope!

  49. Emily Says:

    Actually, I just screenshotted part of the page and had a play with the colours in Paintshop. The following didn’t look too bad:

    Green – R:112 G:219 B:111
    Yellow – R:237 G:237 B:105

  50. Mark Myers Says:

    Wow, I really appreciate the time you’re all spending helping us out with this! I’ll have a play with the new colours and see what I like best (if only I could rig up some way of doing a poll, like on Livejournal!)

    At home I have the latest version of Firefox and it looks pretty much exactly the same as it does on IE at work. It’s definitely not a bold font and there is no army green involved so not sure what is going on there!

  51. Paul Lazar Says:

    I like it, much more up to date.

    looking forward to your next post :)

    P.s. Might you be an old slimelighter? I’m pretty sure we know a few of the same people ;)

  52. Mark Myers Says:

    I’m still a Slimelighter! Occasionally, when I get a day off…

  53. Jools Says:

    Just found another minor glitch in the css for Eddie to stress with (sorry Eddie). In the sidebar – recent comments. I think that #BodyHeader needs more depth
    AND/OR Recent Comments
    needs altering to

    The width isn’t enough for Recent Comments to be on one line with the existing 18px bold declaration, so extra depth and should solve it.

  54. Jools Says:

    Drat – forget that html coding wouldn’t come through in a post. Eddie – I’ll email you offlist. Jools

  55. NZMedic Says:

    Hi. I’m not keen on the new look, however I really like the blue light icon in the address bar. Cool!
    I liked the old look better – cleaner and easier to read, and I didn’t get sore eyes. The montage at the top is a rather busy – I also liked the little cartoon of you. It would be neat if that was here to stay.
    Keep up the fab blog – I thoroughly enjoy reading it.

  56. Den Says:

    Looking good now!

  57. Paul Lazar Says:

    Aha! I haven’t been in around a year and a half, occationally I make it to Dead & Buried though. I’ll let you know if I go anytime soon, we can try to spot each other, I shall wear a yellow rose as they say, lol!

  58. Jane Bird Says:

    Please change the nappy colour to another shade of yellow

  59. Little Miss Nosy Parker Says:

    “Please change the nappy colour to another shade of yellow”
    I think this is living proof you can’t please anyone! The colour was originally a brighter yellow and that wasn’t liked so it was changed to this yellow.

    Personally I loved the neon. Neon forever.

  60. Nigel Says:

    Looks like the bloomin SP catalogue!
    OK though :-)

  61. J Says:

    Might get to me with a hangover, but nothing too awful.

  62. John Haythorne Says:

    3 – MM – “I’m just too tired to construct proper sentences right now!”

    How about some ‘improper’ ones?

  63. Elliott Says:

    Like the new design…

  64. Emily Says:

    New shade of dark green looks good, the “yellow” doesn’t look yellow though.

  65. Little Miss Nosy Parker Says:

    New shade of dark green looks good, the “yellow” doesn’t look yellow though.

    I think it’s because the yellowy yellow was too yellow so it’s now a less yellow yellow so nobody gets too… yellowed.


  66. Em Says:

    Been watching the changes since you first switched to this new layout – I think it’s much easier on the eye now with the duller checks and bigger rounder text :)

  67. k Says:

    The type is very readable. Some of the color could come down a notch, but I love the NEE NAW – love it. And the way the ambulances look like they’re racing!

  68. Sewmouse Says:

    Well, as stated before, I love the new layout. I’m not one for being bothered too much by loud or bright – but I do hate dark text on a black background, so this is very nice.

    Good work!

  69. Natalie Says:

    Love the banner, and I agree with those who suggest toning down the background a tad (which I think you’ve done already, no? It burned out my middle-aged retinas the first time I saw it. Seems better now!) Keep the yellow and green squares, just make them less bright.

    The type size is fine for me and you’ve picked a good sans-serif font (and for the record, I was taught in typography class that serif fonts are easier to read, but that doesn’t rue out using sans serif for body copy.) The type is currently very legible on the white background. Thank God you didn’t do yellow type on black like some fools who want to give their viewers migraines. ;) I also thank you for not having any Godforsaken flashing graphics.

    I would be inclined to make the yellow bar (background) across the bottom match whatever yellow shade you end up using in the background squares, as it’s currently a bit distracting, but that’s just nitpicking. Nothing worse than design by committee; in the end, it’s your blog and you should like it yourself!

    I am a graphic designer, btw, so this is all my professional opinion. ;) I must say, Canadian ambulances are far less exciting than British ones.

    My husband found this blog and I’m enjoying it! Keep it up.

  70. tim Says:

    The whole thing just says

  71. NJ EMS Says:

    The new look rocks!!!! I am a long time fan of your blog and have you on my link list.

  72. Michael Says:

    Just came back to read your latest post, and think the new design now looks good, while being readable (didn’t comment at the time of this post because a load of people had already complained about the text size and it seemed a bit redundant to add to that…).

  73. Altissima Says:

    Since you’ve improved the text size and background intensity – it all look sweet now. As I mentioned before I love the banner, and the whole site design and colour scheme now look great.

  74. Stemulite Says:

    The logo banner at the top is a bit of a distraction for my taste. Have you considered purchasing a premade WordPress theme? There are tons of really well made themes available for $20 – $50. Just a thought.

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