Published Jan 05, 2009 - 13 Comments and counting

13 Comments on “Please vote for me!”
  1. Neglected reader Says:

    You’ll need to add a few more entries to your blog then!!

  2. Ralph Says:

    You’ll have to post more often for that. No, I’m not going to vote for you.

  3. Mark Myers Says:

    I’m sorry I haven’t had time to update lately. It’s been SO busy here lately and I’m doing lots of overtime. On the other hand, if you don’t want to vote for me, you don’t have to – snide comments about why you’re not are not appreciated!

  4. Vinaigrette Says:

    Done, with encomiums.

  5. Em Says:


  6. Solomon Says:


  7. Flora Gardens Says:

    I used to have an encomium, but it got out of the cage and escaped……………..

  8. Ralph Says:

    Well..I felt sorry for you. So I did vote for you. You guys (and gals) do a cracking job at CAC. But please blog more often?

  9. eric Says:

    I’m not a member and I don’t have time currently to be signing up to stuff (I will next week, when I’m in A&E and my thesis is safetly handed in) so I couldn’t vote, but next week, with ajoining reasons!

  10. jane266 Says:

    Bloggers who don’t blog, then beg for votes, are not appreciated either. No vote here!

  11. Joliet Says:

    Jaysus! You would have thought he was asking you for a kidney the way some people are reacting!
    Blogging isn’t his job. Blogging doesn’t put food on the table. He owes us nothing. And here some of you are snapping at him like he’s just broken up with you or something.
    Vote or don’t vote. But don’t rag on the poor bloke because he’s got a social life and a job that doesn’t allow him to sit around playing solitaire for 7 hours and read blogs for the remaining hour.

  12. Mark Myers Says:

    Thanks for the votes so far and in particular for the lovely comments that have accompanied them. It is great to know that the blog is enjoyed and appreciated.

    As for blogging more often, no one would like that more than me. I love writing this blog and I would like to provide you with as many entries as possible. But not every day is full of exciting happenings and some days I am simply too tired or busy to write. I’d rather save my posts for when I can write to my best ability rather than posting drivel or stuff about boring calls. I’m sorry if that disappoints some of you but – when inviting you to vote I didn’t really expect this reaction. I assumed that people would vote for me if they wanted to, and if they didn’t, they would vote for someone else or no one at all. It’s only a fun blog competition, it’s not like I am asking you for money or anything!

    Anyway, more posts should be incoming this week. I’ve just posted one!

  13. loulou Says:

    hahaha Sorry… I don’t read this blog much, not that I don’t think it’s very good, because I do, I’m just not really into the internet thing. I read here mostly as I also work in EOC. HOW SAD are some of you!? Having a go because they’re not “blogging” enough for you! How about you go out and get yourself a life away from your pc – then perhaps it wouldn’t upset you so much!!

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