When I was promoted to Allocator, I was told there was a chance I’d have to change desks and even teams, but I rather brushed it to the back of my mind, thinking that as there was a vacancy on my current desk (the North East), I’d get to stay there. Well, management seem to have had other ideas, because I was told this week I am moving teams (so a whole new rota, and new colleagues) AND desks (so a whole new area to get to know). It really feels like a whole new job now! I’m going to miss my old deskmates – we had a really good team there and I expect they will fall apart without me to keep them in check, hahaha. But I’m quite looking forward to my new desk too – I’ve worked with my new deskmates before and they all seem really nice. And it’s nice to get to know a new area – I’ve been on the North East for about three years now and I know it inside out.

My new area is the East Central which means I’m covering places like Newham, Docklands, Shoreditch, Islington and the now-dreaded City Airport. It’s quite a small area geographically (so no running ambulances five miles) but very busy. There’s some very poor areas in it, which means a lot of timewasters and low priority calls, and also a lot of bars and clubs, which means fights and stabbings and drama. On the whole I think it’ll be an interesting sector to work on! It also means I’ll be in charge of Tom Reynolds’ ambulance so he’d better be nice to me ;)

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12 Comments on “All Change”
  1. James Darling Says:

    Darn, that means you’re no longer in the area I live. I hope your replacement is as good as you seem to be…

    Good luck with the new desk, I can imagine it not being the most fun of areas.

  2. vicky Says:

    Good luick, will be interesting to see your different views on the same jobs.

  3. Tom Reynolds Says:

    Oh bugger.

    I’m doomed now aren’t I.

    I’m the one that sounds like a prat on the radio.

  4. Andy R Says:

    “I’m the one that sounds like a prat on the radio.”

    What…Chris Moyles? :0)

  5. Tom Reynolds Says:

    Ho Ho Ho.

    She’ll have to put up with ‘Barney’ as well.

  6. ci7alex1 Says:

    City Airport should be interesting… It does actually do a good job at safe ops, I mean the pilots, Air Traffic Control and everyone else involved, considering the surroundings and unusually steep approach path. If anything goes wrong there, (sincerely I hope it won’t) it’s gonna be mayhem.

  7. Auntie Jane Says:

    Good luck in your new area. I look forward to reading about how you get on.

  8. Alice Says:

    I live opposite Shoreditch Ambulance Station – how exciting! I’ll think of you when I hear ambulances shrieking down my road in the early hours of the morning ;)

  9. ANdrew Says:

    oh no yer anther new person to get used to on the end of the phone on NE desk

  10. rachel Says:

    I think it’s the other way round – you have to be nice to Tom Reynolds, or a zillion people will hear about it and tut under their breath… Good luck with the move, anyway.

  11. Mark Myers Says:

    Rachel – hahaha, you have a very good point there! It could actually benefit both our blogs as we can provide each other with missing parts of stories. I just have to work out which ambulance he’s on first ;)

  12. Justhost Voucher Says:

    great thread

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