I need a favour. I need a nice ambulance crew (or FRU) who are willing to let me come out with them for an observation shift between now and the end of May. The shift, or parts of it, will get a mention in my book (which I have permission from the LAS to write and will be observing all confidentiality stuff so don’t worry about getting in trouble!) A crew from the NE or EC sectors would be best as that’s where I live but I will travel if necessary! Steve has very kindly let me come out with him a few times but has a training crew at the moment so can’t. He can vouch for the fact that I am great at carrying oxygen bags and won’t insist on going back for a rest break, though.


EDIT. Shift arranged! Thanks for all the offers!

Published Apr 01, 2009 - 16 Comments and counting

16 Comments on “Observation Shift Needed”
  1. Polarbear Medic Says:

    You can do an observation shift with me anytime you like… that being, of course, if you can make it out to Jersey City, New Jersey.

    I offer:

    -Excitement: More calls per day that you care to think about!

    -Scenery: Best views of New York City anywhere!

    -Variety: Our ALS (Advanced Life Support) units cover Hoboken (where all the rich yuppies live), Union City (highest population density in the US), Jersey City (gang violence galore!), and more!

  2. Suzi Brent Says:

    Ha ha ha! If I am ever in New Jersey I shall take you up on the offer. Actually, I am going to Australia later this year and was toying with the idea of trying to get an ambulance ride out there!

  3. Donkey Says:

    If New Jersey’s a bit far, you’re welcome to come out with me.

    Erm… West Midlands… (“,)

  4. Viking 83 Says:

    The st. john in dublin would like to invite you to come on duty (i honestly won’t tell them who you are or what you do)

  5. Auntie Jane Says:

    Hope you get your ride out. Bet that will be an interesting day. I’m looking forward to your book.

  6. Aussie ambo Says:

    If you’re coming to Melbourne I may be able to sort something out.

  7. Always Tired Says:

    Come down here to the South West sometime, sure some of the crews would get you third manning.

    Could get you into our control room sometime…you’ll see why we’re the best in the country then ;)

  8. West is Best Says:

    Your Welcome to ride out with us if you fancy a trip over to the west sector We have a student until the end of the month, but are free after that.

  9. MarkUK Says:

    Whenever I go out as an observer, I guarantee the crew or CP a really boring shift. It’s called, I believe, “The Curse of the Obsserver”.

    The last time I went out was New Year’s Eve. My oppo and I (we’re First Responders) each went out observing on RRVs based in a city centre.

    I think I had five jobs in 12 hours, on what is usually the busiest night of the year.

  10. Suzi Brent Says:

    Thanks so much for all the offers! I have now arranged a shift with a FRU close to home. Thanks for the Australian offers too but unfortunately you’ve all been from the wrong part of Oz so far. I’m going to be in Sydney, Alice Springs/Uluru and Cairns/Port Douglas in November if any ambulance bods from these areas are reading…

  11. Tom Reynolds Says:

    Reckon you’d be fine coming out with me and my crewmate. If you want.

  12. KJX Says:

    Looking forward to hearing your post after the shift.

  13. Suzi Brent Says:

    Tom, would love to come out on your ambulance (not least for the excellent cross blogging opportunity). I have sorted something for this time but will let you know next time I’m due for a ride out!

  14. devtech Says:

    Why travel all the way to Oz when you can come to sunny Devon??
    Friendly crews (mostly), lovely scenery (definitely) & the odd 20 mile blue-light run….what more could you want?

  15. Steve Says:

    Yeah, I can vouch for Suzi – just make sure there’s vomit bowls to hand though – the slightest hint of someone hurling causes some major pounding of the cupboard doors….

  16. Vistapring Discount Says:

    yeah don't i know it!

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