We had a call yesterday that made me wince: “16 year old female states her tongue has split after having it pierced”. I actually have several body piercings myself (in my nose, lips and belly button – and no, I don’t wear them to work) but it still made me squirm. Fortunately, I managed to stop squirming long enough to text my body piercer friend for advice. His reply was: “Sounds impossible, unless she had it pierced right at the tip and then pulled it really hard. Also her mouth would be filling up with blood so she would not be able to call you in first place.”

It turned out that there had been a certain amount of exaggeration and melodrama within the diagnosis. The girl didn’t have two independently wagging tongues or anything like that, it was just that the hole had opened up further and become very sore. CTA referred her to NHS Direct.

It didn’t stop me grimacing for the rest of the shift though. I am a bit squeamish when it comes to tongues.

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11 Comments on “Ouch!”
  1. crowlord Says:

    You really wouldn't want to watch this then…

    Some people really are crazy!


  2. ambowife Says:

    That made me wince and I have my tongue pierced!

  3. Ruth Says:

    There are loads of people out there who purposely split their tounges. They can even learn to control each half independant of each other.
    I wonder how well she was looking after it

  4. Paul Songer Says:

    That's pretty much what the youtube link shows. It is kinda disturbing though. Piercing is one thing but cutting bits in half… Shudder

    Of course being a complete coward the only piercing i would consider would be on the wife!

  5. Ruth Says:

    I personally don'te mind piercings. I have my tongue pierced and my ears pierced 5 times however even I think splitting is wierd.

  6. Lumo Says:

    Eulgh my tongue feels all weird now…

  7. vicky Says:


  8. estetik klinikleri Says:

    wht dont you think a piercing for your brain.

  9. Paddy Power Says:

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment.

  10. 4DiamondsInfo Says:

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  11. Sarah Says:

    AH, i cant believe it! it hurts, even if i think about it……..!

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