It was the middle of a boring, quiet midweek nightshift and one of our crews requested a service run to a nearby 24 hour garage. (A service run is when an ambulance leaves its normal area to run an errand of some variety. They are still available for calls.)

“No wonder they want to go to that one,” I remarked. “It’s got a Marks and Spencer’s Simply Food! I bet they’re after Percy Pigs.”

“I want some Percy Pigs!” said the radio op.

“So do I!” I said, rubbing my empty stomach.

“G602, your request for a run to the fuel station is granted,” said the radio op. “But only if you pick us up some Percy Pigs while you’re there. Over.”

We all giggled at her joke, mainly the fact she’d said “Percy Pigs” over the air.

A bit later on in the night, the same crew requested a service run to headquarters to “drop off some important admin”. We agreed – it wasn’t busy and we had plenty of cover in our sector.

“What important admin can an East Central crew possibly want to do at Waterloo at 4 o’clock in the morning?!” grumbled Management.

Fifteen minutes later, the crew marched into the control room and placed two huge bags of Percy Pigs on our desk! We couldn’t believe it! We’d only been joking and they had actually bought us the sweets and driven halfway across London to deliver them! I love ambulance crews sometimes!

Five minutes after they arrived, before we’d even had a chance to thank them (or share the Pigs with them), the South East desk received a call to a cardiac arrest just down the road from Control. Fortunately, G602′s Pig Run had put them in just the right place to reach the call quickly, and off they went. The patient was blued into hospital, and if he lives, it’ll be entirely down to those Percy Pigs.

Published May 16, 2009 - 34 Comments and counting

34 Comments on “The Percy Pig Incident”
  1. Gert Says:

    Wonderful! I love stories like this!

  2. Paul Songer Says:

    Its so easy to forget those trapped in a room making the cogs run smoothly. Great morale boosts and brilliant teamwork is built on moments like this.

  3. susie belle Says:

    and there are all these people saying sweets are bad for you! good to know treats and sweets can save lives.

  4. Deb'on Lass Says:

    No, no, no! Colin The Caterpillars are much better

    Yum Yums are also a hot favourite down here in Devon :)

  5. Dullahan999 Says:

    Excellent! I'm a firm believer in crews visiting Control and vice versa. Helps build understanding and a little gift goes a long long way! or a little cake/doughnuts/small raspberry pigs…

  6. Tazambo Says:

    Excellent work to the crew.
    I did the same thing as a Police Officer. I'd ring Comms and tell them I was going past McDonalds and then took orders over the mobile. Then I'd deliver the food direct to their consoles.
    I was looked after in return, no shitty jobs, no suicides or similar jobs that brought so much paperwork with them.
    The only problem now, is that my Comms centre is 200km away.

  7. ben Says:

    i find a visit to neenaw control is always a good idea… we finally get to see the faces behind the voices and get to witness first hand what a job you have! i, for one, despite all the flack us crews give you, couldn't do your job for all the tea in china!
    ps – i thought it was always donuts that were the order…

  8. La H Says:

    hee hee.. I actually can't stand Percy Pigs, so I'm glad they might be responsible for saving someone's life. In my mind that makes them good for something. :-)

    I love stories like this.

  9. Katherine Howell Says:

    I love this story!
    When I was on the road our comms was 150 kms away, then they moved it so it was 800 kms away, lol, so instead sometimes on nightshift we would buy packets of Tim Tam biscuits for the staff of the emergency department. Happiness all round :)

  10. Fee Says:

    You forgot to tell us how long the bags of Percy Pigs lasted? In our office they disappear faster than a puddle in a heatwave!

  11. Suzi Brent Says:

    Put it this way, there were none left for the day turn!

  12. Howard Says:

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  13. Paul Songer Says:

    Bah I have colleagues like you that murder the Quality Street every Christmas!

  14. Police Despatcher Says:

    I like this :) I have asked our units to do similar things but they never have as yet… maybe one day!

  15. EmilyT Says:

    Haha brilliant! How nice of them to actually get them for you – and manage to get them to you! I did wonder what all the Percy Pigs tweets were about!

  16. Howard Says:

    Share your views, it is very difficult for people who are not used to medical terms, but it is important to provide the information because many people need to know about it, play an important role and should be proud of it, good luck and suigue this path.

  17. shafiqa miami Says:

    Very informative site ….

  18. Dave M Says:

    I can see the front of woman's waffle now.

    "Percy Pigs SAVED my LIFE
    turn to page seven for my Amazing story"

  19. RakFaisa Says:

    Hi, nice posts there :-) through’s concerning the interesting advice

  20. metpol despatcher Says:

    Grrrr. I wish the police units were as friendly as where I work. One of the cars was up at the centre today, and they walked straight past us without even acknowledging us, let alone saying hello! I wish the rapport was still there sometimes…

  21. Emma Says:

    Completely off topic but something I've been wondering for a while. Hope asking it here is ok. When you get a call does your system not have some way of automatically bringing up directions or a map? A couple of weeks ago we had someone injured at an event I was taking part in and had to call an ambulance. The dispatcher said she was located relatively close to where we were (as were the crew I believe) but didn't know the area and needed directions. I could have seen needing directions to the specific place but what surprised me was they didn't even know of the village we were in.

  22. radishey Says:

    Wow, talk about product placement. Lucky Marks and Spencers… :P

  23. Blue Spice Says:

    Brilliant! I do like people to be PEOPLE :)

    BTW I nominated your blog for an award on my own. :)

  24. LAS FRU Says:

    ohh, yu've proper messed with my head now. for ages i thought you were a very gay male in his early 20s. now i find you're a rather attractive female

  25. Suzi Brent Says:

    The most flattering part of this statement is "early 20s" ;-)

  26. LAS FRU Says:

    OK, late teens then. but don't push it

  27. Things Police do that annoy me. « Large Brother's View Says:

    [...] bring me Percy Pigs! Technorati Tags: percy [...]

  28. metal-bijou Says:

    I love percy pigs and now a have a reason for it. What a great story.

  29. SJA-ETA Says:

    Gotta buy some 2moro for someone I know…….. hope she will like them!!!

  30. image hosting Says:

    Nice work you are doing.

  31. asp web hosting Says:

    Awesome! I do like people to be PEOPLE

  32. SJA_ETA Says:

    I need Some Percy Pigs!!!! Suzi, bring some down for us on the 26th if you are coming to the Millwall game!!!!!

  33. SJA_ETA Says:

    Nooooo! percy pigs are the must have anywhere!!!!!

  34. Dave Says:

    You've been mentioned in the Independent on Sunday for this:

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