One of the paramedics told me that Enid Whiner, one of our sector’s most frequent callers, passed away in hospital some time in the last few weeks.

I hope this doesn’t make me sound cold-hearted, but my first reaction was one of relief. There were two scenarios involving Enid that I have been dreading since I moved to this section – one, that she’d be seriously ill at home and I wouldn’t take her call seriously and end up in Coroner’s Court explaining how my actions lead to her death, or two, that one day I’d send my last ambulance to her and contribute to someone else’s death and end up in Coroner’s Court explaining THAT decision.

On the other hand, I wish we’d found a better way of tackling Enid’s issues before she died. She may have died comfortably in hospital without causing any noticeable averse incidents, but there’s bound to be another Enid at some point, and what will we do then?

At least the pillow plumping services of our ambulance crews helped make a frail old woman’s last months a little more comfortable. That is a small consolation.

Published May 30, 2009 - 9 Comments and counting

9 Comments on “RIP Enid Whiner”
  1. Corrvin Says:

    It's always a little sad to lose someone we know– even if it's only by voice or reputation. I'm glad no one else got hurt by Enid's passing, and I hope that there can be a solution for all the other Enids out there.

    And as for the "pillow-plumping services"– don't discount the sound of a friendly voice, either. I'm sure she was glad that you and your colleagues answered the phone and were there to listen to her.

  2. Gary Says:

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  3. Cla Says:

    One of your old sector's regulars is not long for this world either – survived an out of hospital arrest a short while ago. You'll know who I mean when I say he likes taking photos and calls us all angels (well the females anyway!!) I actually quite like him, and will be in a strange way sad when he does die…

  4. Bluejay Says:

    It's understandable that when someone dies, although there is grief, there is also an element of relief that the unpleasant parts of their life are over. As part of a service that deals with mostly unpleasant things happening to people, it makes sense that relief is the dominant reaction. I don't think it makes you sound cold-hearted at all. Requiescat in pace.

  5. Paul Songer Says:

    I understand perfectly NeeNaw. We get a similar thing in the CCTV world where you get very well acquainted with local PITA's then then go an do something silly and they are gone. Oddly though they were always a pain you still miss them.

  6. Suzi Brent Says:

    Oh no! I know exactly who you mean – he's proposed to me several times. I didn't think there was anything wrong with him except a fondness for alcohol and being a bit crazy. I feel strangely worried for him :-/

  7. LargeBrother Says:

    We have a few of them as well. Mainly the affable drunks that regard the police and ambulance as nice taxi services. RIP Enid.

  8. adult host Says:

    I understand perfectly NeeNaw now, i love to come here again.

  9. free host Says:

    It's understandable that when someone dies how much pain you feel.

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