I thought I’d heard everything there was to hear in this job. But today we had a call that was so bizarre and horrible that it left us speechless.

A woman committed suicide. She didn’t use one of the “normal” methods like cutting her wrists or overdosing. She didn’t even go for the more dramatic jumping under a train or hanging herself. No, she choked herself to death with a large quantity of marshmallows.

It was the sort of call that you look at and think “no… this can’t be… they’ll get there and it’ll all be a misunderstanding. Or a hoax. She couldn’t possibly have…”

But she had. The call was exactly as given. She was already dead by the time the crew arrived.

We often like to share a bag of Flumps on the East Central during nightshifts, but I think we’ll be giving them a miss from now on.

Published Sep 23, 2009 - 19 Comments and counting

19 Comments on “Marshmallows”
  1. Dullahan999 Says:

    Accidental or intentional? Really surprising someone could overcome the natural urge to gag and force themselves to choke.

  2. Lucy McGough Says:

    It happens, but it's more normal to use tissues or something like that.

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  4. A Good Plan Says:

    Perhaps she didn't want to traumatize her family and thought it would look like an accident rather than a suicide.
    Was she Asian ?

  5. Suzi Brent Says:

    I don't know why, but both the caller and the crews who attended seemed in no doubt that it was suicide.

  6. Suzi Brent Says:

    I don't know her what her ethnic origin was… That seems ridiculous, but no more ridiculous than any other explanation I can come up with.

  7. SJA_ETA Says:

    I think that has put me off buying marshmallows!!!!!

  8. the Happy Medic Says:

    You mean a call was actually as given over the phone? Egads, what is this world coming to?

    PS – Any chance of meeting you in November at the US/UK exchange blogger meetup in Newcastle?

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  10. Tom Says:

    It mamzes me the lengths people will go to in order to bring about their own destruction. How terribly sad..

  11. Sewmouse Says:

    I always knew those Easter "Peeps" were evil.

    Killer Peeps.

  12. Fee Says:

    That's bizarre!

    I will never look at a bag of marshmallows in quite the same light again.

  13. Anon Says:

    Brought to mind this post that I read last year…


  14. Chris norton Says:

    I find stories like this sad. Anyone taking their life is awful but with marshmallows is slightly weird too – still a tragic story.

  15. Mark Says:

    Amazing – I expect every bay will now have a health warning on them from here on in…

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  17. florist18 Says:


    http://www.slanovskiy.co.uk/index/forums/member/83/ inside…

  18. Your mum Says:

    Instead of writing this voyeuristic blog why don't you teach your dumb ass colleagues in UOC to fucking read and write as most of the messages that come down the MDT are badly spelt and have the grammar of a 4 year old. Your the fucking reason we as front line staff have to go and pick up scum off the streets and in there homes when they could get there lazy fucking asses down the chemist or a GP could call round. The LAS is not a taxi service for able bodied people. Get tough on them or your AOM will.
    Cunts !!!

  19. Slim Says:

    How is that even possible? Sounds like a hoax but isn't… Crazy…

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