Today, Banana Man did not ring to offer us a banana once.

He rang to tell us that he is getting married.

Eighty-three times.

Published Oct 27, 2009 - 38 Comments and counting

38 Comments on “Banana Man Latest”
  1. Elliott Says:

    Let's hope it's a false alarm! He might breed Baby Banana men! :-O

  2. Holdfast Says:

    Tell us more! Who is the lucky lass? Orange maid? Lemon lady?
    Or perhaps she is more of a savoury type – Sweet corn Sue or pork pie Pam?
    I think I have invented a new word game!

  3. PsychedMum Says:

    Surely it must be Granny Smith?

  4. helen-louise Says:

    I wonder if this means there is a Banana Woman somewhere with an itchy vagina?

    (Sorry ;) )

  5. Renoir Says:

    Problem or opportunity?

    Get an ambulance to follow him round, very slowly:

    Hey presto, 83 sub -1minute response times!

    Should help the government ORCON response targets!

  6. Ceeej Says:

    Awwh, how sweet. It must be the lady at the local grocer's yes?

  7. SJA_ETA Says:

    Who knows!!!!! might be someone at the local Tesco's

  8. Fee Says:

    Well, the honeymoon should be a bit fruity, then?

  9. SJA_ETA Says:

    Could be!!!!!! would be an almighty fruity affair LOL

  10. Steve Irwin Says:

    Jesus Christ

  11. Millie Says:

    I take it the bride-to-be isn't a member of the ambulance crew, then?

  12. SJA_ETA Says:

    I hope not!!!!!!!!!

  13. Vicky Kelly Says:

    Whoooo! That's got to be a record!

  14. SJA_ETA Says:

    I bet he spoke to one of my mates there, he would not have been happy!!!!!

  15. Erk Says:

    I hope the guy isn't getting married 83 times!

  16. Ceeej Says:

    Awwhh, that's a shame how Tesco are killing off local shops, I hope it's the local grocer.

  17. SJA_ETA Says:

    I really hope so too!!!! don't think her husband would be too happy though…….

  18. vic Says:

    Is it's the same one as last time. If so, why not just put him away?

  19. SJA_ETA Says:

    Cant really be done, what would they do with him???

  20. NurseJobsUK Says:

    make him eat bananas?!

  21. Sailor Sam Says:

    Sailor Sam… ok…

  22. echelon ladder Says:

    echelon ladder… ok…

  23. ludicrous attempts Says:

    ludicrous attempts…

  24. Frederick Says:

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  25. Eric Says:

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  26. Peter Says:

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  28. Jurgen Says:

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  32. Bongo Dongo Says:

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  33. medic22 Says:

    what's with the banana-related calls…

  34. Russell M. Shepherd Says:

    Oh, i am excited to see little bananas after they get married.. :-)

  35. milan222 Says:

    more banana for banana man!

  36. Anna Says:

    "Well, the honeymoon should be a bit fruity, then? "
    LOL, that made my day!

  37. Jack Stone Says:

    ahha, i thinks its a local grocer and hope that man does not get married 83times

  38. Maqsood Says:

    Very well said. Exactly, may be the baby banana do well then his baba. :)

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