We received a call to a male who was suffering from amnesia…

… when the crew arrived, no one could remember making the 999 call…

Published Oct 30, 2009 - 13 Comments and counting

13 Comments on “True Story”
  1. Shropshire johnie Says:


  2. Flash Bristow Says:

    That reminds me of this story… http://notalwaysright.com/the-best-of-intentions-

    Tee hee.

  3. EmilyT Says:

    Hahaha classic :D

  4. PaulMM Says:

    Did anyone remember who the patient was?

  5. AJman Says:

    @ Flash: Oh. thanks… I got lost on a 90-minute wiki-walk there thanks to you! :-P

  6. police despatcher Says:

    Ha ha! We've got one of those on our patch, too. She does it so often she's started to believe that the police are harassing her, as she believes we keep turning up for no reason. She does it to Ambulance too, but AFAIK she leaves Trumpton alone…

  7. medalert Says:

    hahaha….. and then because of all the laughs, the writer of this article asks who wrote this funny story?

  8. Cogidubnus Says:

    Sorry but I don't remember this happening…

  9. Rayn Says:

    Just wonderng if you have forgotten that you are a blogger,
    I hope that you remember and post again soon.

  10. Suzi Brent Says:

    I'm on holiday in Australia! Will be back next week.

  11. Kieran Says:

    I'm an aussie, where are you?

  12. Jenny Says:


    I saw this on the bbc news site and thought you'd be interested.


    If they can do it for those phoning the fire brigade, surely there's something that can be done for your regulars! :)

    Happy Christmas!

  13. cogidubnus Says:

    [...] (will not be published) (Required) Website. Search for: Calendar. October 2007. M. T. W. T. F …Nee Naw – True Storywhen the crew arrived, no one could remember making the 999 call… Published Oct 30, … article [...]

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