It’s five years since I began the Nee Naw blog. Back then, I thought that few people beyond my real life friends would be interested. I was delighted when it started getting over fifty readers per day. Four years later, that became in excess of three thousand readers and, beyond my wildest dreams, a book deal!

I have had some brilliant experiences because of this blog. For instance, appearing live on Radio Four (and nervously talking nonsense about stink bombs), being the subject of a four page spread in The Times, having boxes of Percy Pigs unexpectedly turn up in the post and seeing my book sandwiched between Cheryl Cole and Russell Brand in the biography section (though I was less impressed to find it in the “Tragic Life Stories” section at Smiths in Walthamstow). I will never forget all the great people at Penguin who worked so hard with me to make my book just how I dreamed it would be. But best of all are the emails I got (and am still getting) from readers, who tell me that they’ve learned something from me, and that because of Nee Naw they’ve managed to stay calm in an emergency, or go on a first aid course, or even apply to become an EMD like me!

Unfortunately, my fifteen minutes of fame also had its downside, and without going into detail, in the end I felt I had no alternative but to bring Nee Naw to its end. I’m posting this now because I don’t want you to think that I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, or taken the money and run. I miss my blog more than you can imagine. Sometimes on my break I will sit mentally composing blog posts from the day’s calls, then I realise there is no longer anywhere for them to go, and those posts shrivel and die. As a blogger without a blog, sometimes I feel like I have shrivelled and died a little bit too.

Some days I think of starting a new blog, about one of my other passions – Leyton Orient? Katie Price? Percy Pigs? I can’t imagine many people would want to read that, let alone publish it, and maybe that’s the whole point.

Until then, I’d just like to thank everyone for reading and supporting me for these last five years.

Goodbye for now!


Published Aug 07, 2010 - 36 Comments and counting

36 Comments on “Goodbye Nee Naw”
  1. Andy Says:

    Very best of luck to you in all that you do in the future, and thanks for the ride. Your writing very much deserved the recognition it received.

  2. flashsays Says:

    Ooh, I'd be up for a pint in the Birkbeck too, used to be my local (and given the rate at which pubs are closing it's probably still pretty much my local!)

    I've loved the call centre blogging, and wish you all the best with whatever you do next – I'm sure it'll be a success!

  3. Ben Waddignton Says:

    You did take the money and run – that's why I sponsored you in the Race for Life.

    Meanwhile – yours was the only blog I've spent so many hours reading- well into the night sometimes, on a school day even. Cutting through so many layers of society with one swift, decisive slice. Phew, what a broad range you delivered in a few sentences! From your Percy Pigs to some loner bleeding to death in the street as peds stepped over him, tweeting you their 999 observations.

    Best wishes


    I never read the book

  4. Phil Says:

    Suzi i'm truly sorry to hear the blog is ending…I feel honoured to have been allowed on your journey with all its ups & downs, you had a superb talent making me laugh & cry with the posts you did & for that


    good luck with your future (and if your ever signing in liverpool i'll buy the beers!!…what the heck already bought a few copies of your book for freinds and family anyhoo!!)

    you'll be sadly missed

  5. Stuart Says:

    What they said – sorry it's got to stop, but thanks for taking the time to do it, and good luck for the future.

    But most of all thanks for doing your real job!

  6. Steve Says:

    I've already told you my opinion of what happened….I wish you the very best of luck with everything you do in the future (including any future driving tests!!).

    Steve (eyes of a paramedic) x

  7. Police Despatcher Says:

    Very sad to see this, but it seems to be the right thing for you so very best of luck in all your future career!

    You were part of the inspiration for me getting a job in a police contact centre, something which has led to the start of what promises to be a really promising career, so I owe you one! Do get in touch if I can ever repay the favour.

  8. weefz Says:

    Sad to see you retire from blogging. I've loved your stories over the years.

  9. tHornyMinx Says:

    I'm very sorry to hear you feel this way, I loved your blog and you're a total sweetie, you've helped me when I've been really down (under a different name) Best of luck with the future! You will be missed!

  10. Laurel Says:

    Suzi, I'm sorry to hear it, as I enjoyed your blog very much. I hope we see more writing from you, more print if not online.

  11. Deborah Says:

    Really sorry to "see" you go – good luck with the job and life and everything

  12. Heather Says:

    Hi Suzi,

    I've loved reading this blog and hope that whatever you do and whereever life takes you next, you have a great time. Of course, just because you're not blogging, doesn't mean you have to stop writing. Take those posts and put them in a diary to share one day in the future. :-)

    Best wishes,


  13. Licia Says:

    It was a pleasure to read your blog. Good luck with everything or, as we say in Italian, in bocca al lupo per tutto.


  14. Alex Says:

    Shocking… sad to see you abandoning the blog.
    Best wishes.

  15. Auntie Em Says:

    You've been missed! Thanks for the fun while it lasted

  16. Elliott Says:


    Sorry that it's all coming to end. I've laughed, cringed and cried. I've used some of your stuff in training sessions and reccomended the book to everyone I know.

    Good luck with whatever happens next.


  17. elle Says:

    Thank you Suzi, and good luck with all your new endeavours. I'll miss you, because you've been such a pleasure to read over the years. And you will always have the book — you deserve to be enormously proud of both; they're such brillieant achievements!


  18. StarbladeUK Says:

    Sorry to hear the blog's not coming back :( But good luck for the future and maybe bump into you on an SJA duty!

  19. TEd Says:'s.amazing

  20. Jools Says:

    Well that's a shame. The price of fame !! Good luck with what is to come

  21. Silje Says:

    Thank you for all the good times, and good luck!

  22. Julian Beirne Says:

    I just finished your book in China [my wife brought it out] and I'll pass it on to another Brit stuck in the middle of the Gobi desert with nothing to look at but sand …. and some more sand.

    Thanks for the laugh and insight into your world.

    Julian Beirne
    [also a one book author but that's not the point of this message]
    Xinjiang province

  23. fisherman1 Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful stories. I'll look for your book when it becomes available here in America!

  24. Professional Zapper Says:

    Hi Suzi

    I haven't visited your blog for a few years – I was a regular reader whilst training to be a radiographer. You provided a window into another essential but often forgotten side to healthcare delivery in the UK, and helped me to appreciate some of the other roles involved within the NHS.

    Thank you so much for your time, lovely words and ability to provide a unique insight into healthcare for the general public. You've been amazing, and it's a sad sign of the times that you can no longer write. I wish you all the best, and thank you for providing sanity and thus helping me through my degree (inadvertently!)

    Thank you again, and whatever you choose to write about in the future, I will endeavour to read it; your writing style is wonderful, inviting, engaging and accessible. Best wishes.

  25. tom Says:

    I'm sorry that you'll no longer be blogging. Your posts were very informative & a joy to read (& helped me to keep calm in an emergency once).

  26. LAS Guy Says:

    Once again the fascists of the LAS management strike!

    Aren't they great, I'm so proud.

  27. Arkayeff Says:

    I heard of you and your blog on Radio 4 and was very impressed, when I got home I started reading it.

    Sorry it has come to an end.

    Thank you

  28. Adoor man Says:

    Sorry to see you go. I've enjoyed the blog for a few years now and I understand how pressures can make you call it a day. Hope you stay lurking in the blogosphere with your insight and humor.

  29. Katz Says:


    I'm so genuinely sad that the blog is ending – i'm just incredibly grateful for the time i got to spend reading it first – it is the first, and to date only, blog i've ever kept up wiht adn i loved every minute. Good luck for whatever comes next!!!

  30. ShinyNewMedic Says:

    Hey Suzi. Sorry to read the blog is over. I discovered this blog about 2 years ago and read through all your archives. As a shiny new, fresh-out-of-the-box Ambulance Technician your blog gave me a far better understanding of what happens in Control, and why you guys sometimes seem to make incomprehensible decisions from the point of view of us Roadies! Thanks for the invaluable education.

  31. Trooper Man Says:

    Hi Suzi

    I have been checking your blog weekly to see if you have posted any more true life tales.

    Sadly I see this has now come to end. You will be missed by us all out here.

    All the very best to you for the future and best wishes in all you that do.

    Kindest gerards
    Trooper Man

  32. Buy Advair Says:

    I miss you a lot..

  33. Webhosting Says:

    Come on, Come back :)

  34. Sean Says:

    I've recently applied to become an EMD with the LAS and am due to start in April. My mum got me your book as a Christmas present and what a good read it was! It was really informative and I'm looking forward more than ever to starting training and doing the job.

  35. Gulf Breeze Taxi Says:

    Enjoyed your blog. Sorry your leaving. One door closes, another opens. Good luck to you and god bless!!

  36. Cardiac Says:

    It was a good blog. I still look in here sometimes.

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